And if you get stuck, you can access the extensive knowledge base and support materials to find the solution. Integrate with other apps like Maze, Flow, and Droplr for user testing, developing handoff, and streamlining the processes. Design high-fidelity prototypes for Android, iOS, web, and tablet using 200+ ready-made components, UI library, and reusable assets. The most significant advantage of testing and collecting feedback is that it helps refine the product layout before development.

The Excel-like table component is ideal for everyone to create forms in minutes, and easily add custom details, interactions and looks. Seamless integration with Mockplus Cloud allows you to smoothly move to the design collaboration and handoff stage. Share prototype links with your teammates, so they can directly view from anywhere with internet access, and leave feedback directly on the prototype page. Have your entire team co-design on the same web project without conflicts - even anytime and on any device remotely. Users can import designs from Photoshop, Sketch, or Illustrator and direct export their designs into different formats.

I’m Ben Aston, a digital project manager and founder of I've been in the industry for more than 15 years working in the UK at London’s top digital agencies including Dare, Wunderman, Lowe and DDB. I’ve delivered everything from film to CMS', games to advertising and eCRM to eCommerce sites. is free for one user with one active project and five prototype screens.

website prototype tool

Webflow offers a vast set of features that can help you build a prototype in good time. Their templates have complex layouts and animations, and you can customize them to ensure quick turnaround times. Justmind’s free plan includes unlimited projects and viewers, vector design tools, and basic UI widgets. Here’s a brief description of each free prototyping app to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface. While it's not necessarily designed specifically for ready prototypes, like some of the tools mentioned above, it is a great place to create website wireframe mockups. From UI design to UX design, Adobe XD covers all the tools a designer needs from conceptualization through high-resolution prototypes.

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InVisionis another app available online which functions similarly toUXPinbut with a greater accent on design. It comes with all the tools needed forwireframingandUI designs. It also includes a variety of tools that can be useful for collaboration and prototyping too. However, to its merits, Mockitt does give you access to pre-built design systems and UI tools as part of their libraries of assets. Wondershare Mockittallows style to create comprehensive shared libraries that include custom widgets and components shared across teams.

website prototype tool

Explore and iterate as your team builds momentum - moving seamlessly from lo-fi to hi-fi as your project evolves. Envision, test and validate your ideas with quick wireframes and detailed mockups. An all-in-one online design platform that's smart, simple and fast. Create .mov & gif files of your interactive prototype for sharing with the recording feature in the editor.

Advanced Animations

It let you create and edit vectors or use component libraries that are pre-built to create faster. You can access your design projects from thecloudon any device. In addition to Figma’sAuto Layoutfunction,Figmawill also give users the option of creating new vectors right from scratch. The platform’s main goal is to help you create more accurate prototypes that you can directly ship to development. The greatest thing about it is that you can choose the perspective you prefer and use the broad range of design elements available in the tool to satisfy your needs. You can create a unique link for your designs and then instantly make it available to other users.

  • This is a vector-based tool, which is quite useful for putting up a prototype, tools for interactions, transitions, and other dynamic functions, etc.
  • Rich interactive prototypes can be created with it that allow rapid iteration.
  • Pick a template and customize it with our powerful editor by adding or removing pages, blocks, and elements.
  • It mitigates risk during development by allowing multiple iterations during the design process.

With Framer’s Insert Menu feature, you can access a library of components and tools and apply them with ease by just dragging and dropping them onto your screen. Framer’s smart components require no code at all thus they are easy to integrate. For developers and designers with skills in coding, this feature will never be a limit for them as they can always add their own custom functions and components. Do you need a rapid prototyping tool that will let you whip up apps, websites, and digital products quickly?

Framer X (best for high fidelity prototypes)

Share the prototype via a shareable link or export it to your device storage. Use the live-embed feature to embed the prototype into your website or tool. Live embed is automatically updated when you make changes in the prototype. Also features a consolidated inbox to view all the comments and conversation threads.

website prototype tool

The tool provides adraganddropprototyping tool and a large collection of templates and widgets. Wondershare Mockittcan be considered one of the most effective prototyping tools you could utilize for any application or web design. Adobe XDuses vectors to make prototypes to create interactions, transitions, and various other dynamic capabilities. Since it’s a vector-based system, the possibility of scaling and resizing elements is not an issue. For every UI/UX designer looking for a good prototyping tool that will fit their needs and organization, it’s best to try a few different tools first as most of them are free to use. Axure RP is a powerful prototyping tool that is highly regarded by professional designers.

How to Select a Good Prototyping Tool for UI/UX Designer

Figma is a complete solution that lets you create product designs, prototypes, and design systems for streamlining the entire process from brainstorming to developer handoff. The click-to-link system and powerful editing features make it an effective rapid prototyping tool. The best prototyping tools let you add comments directly into the design template to collect feedback from team members, shareholders, and users. You can share the prototype via a link, and they can add the comments to suggest changes for the next iteration. The best prototyping tools use design features, navigational elements, and interactions to help you create a prototype as close to your final vision as possible.

The tool has a huge number of interaction events including those caused by touch, mouse, or keyboard. Once you’ve finalized your prototypes, it’s easy to upload them to the cloud to gather feedback. And you can add notes to your design to give reviewers or developers extra context. Axure has plenty of plugins to help it integrate with other design tools.

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Mockflow helps you create spaces for product ideation, UI design, feedback, and more. For large-scale projects with many moving parts, prototyping is indispensable. Prototypes let you gather feedback, test usability, and tweak a design along the way. Principle for Mac lets you create dazzling interactions and eye-catching animations, giving you prototypes that go beyond dull static representations. Build complex interactions and animations without even looking at code. Easily refine and reuse the built-in libraries or create your own.

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Supports conditional logic and math functions to create data-driven prototypes. Use the reviewer mode to present the prototype and arrange video calls with team members and clients. Add gestures, animations, and transitions to simulate the behavior of the product. Allows access to layouts assets like CSS, colors, and measurements for developers. Preview & test your prototype on any device using interactive HTML or Justinmind mobile App.

Numerous dynamic elements let you build the web with an interactive design. It’s possible to design fully clickable prototypes by using the link as well as other interactive design elements. This tool is incredible due to its versatility.UXPinis a great tool for teams to work together and build, share and test their results in a delightful manner. Adobe XDprovides dedicated UX and UI kits for quickly creating websites applications, apps, and other products. Prototypingis an essential part of the design process that involves transforming ideas into tangible objects, from paper to digital.

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One of the first things to check is the compatibility of the tool. The prototyping tool you select should not only be supported on your computer but should also be supported by other platforms. Tools like Wondershare Mockitt allow such functionality and users can use it through browsers or with their Mac or Windows computers.

Having a great prototyping tool is somewhat necessary for app developers and website designers. This is because when they have a working prototype, it becomes easier for them to explain everything to everyone else. Not only that, but it also allows developers to get an idea as to how their app needs to look in the end. Uizard is a rapid, AI-powered prototyping tool used for designing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in minutes. Built to empower designers and non-designers alike, Uizard is the perfect tool for collaboration and iteration. Looking for one of the best web and app prototyping tools that is also free?

The tool makes collaboration simple, allowing others to view projects on the most popular browsers and mobile platforms. You can use Axure RP to create everything from flowcharts and wireframes to mockups and user journeys. A robust digital product design platform that allows you to visualize, design, prototype and get feedback in a single interface. You can use Freehand to draw up your ideas on a digital whiteboard, collect inspiration via design vision boards and use vectors and layers to design your ideas. Add interactions, transition effects, scrolling views, and timed animations to create interactive prototypes. Use conditional logic, timed animations, and your native device’s hardware like motion sensors to build and test hyper-realistic prototypes.

The actual website is a real site that goes live, allowing visitors to view and interact exactly in the way they should. Our ecommerce and business web templates offer a whole dashboard or data-driven page to help you create your own in prototype of website no time. Add and polish all possible web UI details to make a project yours using powerful vector drawing and advanced style editing. There are dedicated plugins to directly import projects from Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD to ProtoPie.

Curated design tools provide the functionality and flexibility that your team really needs - without any unnecessary or distracting complexity. Click and link different UI layouts to build product flows for your web and mobile prototypes. Turn your wireframes into hi-fi interactive prototypes using the power-up tools.