There is no middle ground, there is no third option, and no, you can’t have time to “think about it” and no, you can’t do it your way. I am truly hoping for a fairy tale ending, where you accept professional treatment and our family begins a recovery program. You have seen this plan – we’ve presented it to you, and even changed it to accommodate your requests. But still, there has been no change on your part. Take the first step toward addiction treatment by contacting us today.

  • With each article and resource, she hopes to save other families from experiencing the anguish of a loved one’s passing due to drinking or drugs.
  • I could see the gravity of the moment by the expressions on their faces, a look of desperation.
  • We seemed to have a lot of those kinda moments, especially towards the end.
  • I know there are many people out there for you.
  • She has produced a multitude of integrated campaigns and events in the behavioral health and addictions field.

These same words may stop you from relapsing later on. Your goodbye letter can come in handy in the future. When things get tough in your recovery process, you can read the letter to remind yourself why you decided to get sober in the first place. This might provide the extra motivation you need to stay on track and avoid a relapse.

A Goodbye Letter To My Addiction

You physically and mentally made me sick, and yet I still kept you around. People thought I loved you more, but that was far from the truth. All you ever did was take and take, but you never gave. Actually, I take that back – you did give.

  • You would think I would have accepted this by now—that you want us dead—after battling with you my entire life.
  • With your presence, I somehow suddenly became desirable and attractive.
  • You made me sick for a full 24 hours afterward, but I didn't care.
  • I am hopeful that I can navigate my way to finding a bit of peace and calm without your presence in my life.
  • It may also be beneficial to write a goodbye addiction letter.
  • I once thought that I could not make it without you.

Addiction recovery is a big step; when you stumble, it is tempting to just give up. When you focus on writing about why you decided to get sober, it will reinforce these reasons. You can write goodbye letter to alcohol about how you knew you hit rock bottom and needed help. You can also write about the secondary problems that came about because of your substance abuse issues and why you want to change them.

DP Challenge Fit to Write…A Double Life

I know that leaving you won't be easy, and I acknowledge that there will be times that my resolve is weakened and I will miss you. By the time I went away to college, you and I were inseparable. Rarely a day went by that we weren't together. I begrudgingly made it through the day, constantly counting down the hours until I could be with you.

goodbye letter to alcohol

Now you’ve been out of my life for three years. I realize when I first left you, I never properly said goodbye.

Make goals

In your addiction break up letter you can discuss these as well as your goals for the future now that you are sober. All things come to an end, even an addiction. Breaking free is difficult, but it is the best decision you can ever make. While this might sound cliché, one of the things you can do is write a goodbye letter to your addiction.

goodbye letter to alcohol

I had never even tried you and yet You were a problem before I ever tasted you on my lips. Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible. I have people that I love, and I know they love me back. And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older.

Sobernation Brands

While writing a goodbye letter to alcohol and drugs may sound good in theory, you may not know where to begin. Instead of getting overwhelmed, these tips on writing a goodbye letter to addiction can help you get started. People find it challenging to open up, especially in the early stages of addiction treatment. So, a goodbye letter to addiction lets you communicate better.

  • Our team is here for you seven days a week for physical and emotional support.
  • We’ve been together for many years now – 30 to be exact.
  • At times, I felt that I would never make it without you; I felt physically ill once we were apart.
  • It has been a long rollercoaster relationship with you, especially these last 10 years.

I went without you this year, and it sucked, especially since you were cheating on me with everyone else. You were definitely putting on a show at the beach, and if you can remember, you finally won me over. Yep, you joined me for the drive home. Over 200 miles of you and me on the road together. We seemed to have a lot of those kinda moments, especially towards the end. Instead, you camped out in my home, my car, my office, and even went so far as to hide in my suitcase on our family trip to Disneyland. You know they don’t serve alcohol in the park.